Other Novels by Windsor Bookman
“Electrifying! Bookman’s suave psychic does it again!”Muleshoe Statesman
“No one can evade Colin Chance. Not even a psychopath!”Muleshoe Times
“…Bookman’s back and more viscerally psychic than ever…”Mid-Central Examiner
“…grammar was pretty good…”Terry's Used Books


Poet, novelist, and short story writer.

His writing is influenced by the social, cultural, and economic ambience of his home city of Muleshoe, TX. His work addresses the ordinary lives of poor Americans, psychics, sexy psychics, alcoholic psychics, relationships with women, and the drudgery of work. Bookman has written thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories and six novels, eventually publishing over 60 books. The FBI kept a file on him as a result of his column, Notes of a Dirty Old Psychic, in the LA underground newspaper Open City.

In 1986 Time called Bookman a “lowlife”. Regarding his enduring popular appeal, Adam Kirschenbaum of The New Yorker wrote, “the secret of Bookman’s appeal. . . [is that] he combines the confessional poet’s promise of intimacy with the larger-than-life aplomb of a pulp-fiction hero. Also, he throws wonderful dinner parties.”